Hunting for the family history

The Extended Upton Family

1895 in Shelby County, Missouri

R U GENEALOGY by Ronald M. Upton

This site will deal with my family history.

There are two main areas;  Upton and Heenan families.  There are pictures areas;

1. Upton—Lechliter

2. Heenan—Riordan

3. BatesFry

4. Unknown pictures  -  I have many pictures without names and will use this area for help finding answers.

5. Links to other places

The family history is compiled from my different people over the years.  Any family member wanting a copy of my files can download the GED file or the RTF document.   I have stayed on the main family as much as possible .   I would like to complete a printed copy later this year with all the information and documents that people send me.  I would like  pictures that are scanned into computer send, rather than printed on paper and sent.   There are some known errors but would appreciate any corrections.

I am starting the development of the web site.   Please contact me for the files until I complete the full projects.







Heenan Family 1944

Fry  and Lee Family

Bates Family 1947 California

I will continue uploading more family files that need updating. 

Since I am researching descendants I will go back only into the 1800 and then work to present day.

I would like family pictures.

If you have them on the computer please  e-mail  them to me at:

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